Tuesday, 4 August 2015


I have been trying out the new cleanse off mitt for the last week for taking off my make up.
I purchased this from secretfashionfixes.ie it was €3.50 and including postage it was around €7 all in.
It arrives quickly I had it the next day.

How it works: you just dampen the mitt with warm water and rinse out any access water.
Pop it on your hand and in circular motions rub off your make up.

After using this for a week I did find it ok, I had to do a good bit of rubbing to remove my make up but I do think using just water is better for your skin than a make up remover.

The only downside was I found the mitt difficult to clean but I just use johnsons baby shampoo on it straight away after each use, don't let it dry before washing it and it seems to come up clean again so it's nice and fresh for the next night.

I will continue to use this mitt and I would definitely recommend it to others and I think €7 all in is a bargain seen as how similar products sell for around 20 euro.

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