Saturday, 23 July 2016


Have you heard of Jo Browne Solid Perfume yet?????? NO Well then you are definitely missing out Big Time!!!!

Jo Browne Ireland was set up by Joanne Browne in Carlow, Joanne recently send me one of her solid perfumes and I have fallen head over heels for her Range.
Joanne sent me Floral Note to try and i loved it so much i purchased the other two svents in the collection straight away.
The first time I tried this I used it in the morning on my way to work and i could still smell it at 10 o clock later that night.

Jo Browne Ireland Solid Perfumes come in Stick Form and are available in 3 Amazing Scents....

Floral Note.... Wild Jasmine and Lemongrass
Sweet Note.... Citrus and Crushed Vanilla
Oriental Note.... Spice Tea and Honey

Each Stick Scent comes in the most Fab Bamboo Packaging, They are made from Organic Beeswax and Completely Ecological, Natural and Sustainable sources used.
All Fragrances are individually Handmade from Beeswax and Essential Oils, a process which takes Joanne up to Six Months to complete.

I would highly recommend these Solid Fragrances to Everyone, They are perfect for Travelling and will fit in any handbag no matter how small it is.
They Retail for €18.00 and Postage is €3.00.
For more Information or To Buy Click Here


Recently I was cracked by Lucy from Pink Parcel, She sent me their recent Subscription box to review.
I have tried other period Subscription boxes but this one just blew me away I was not expecting everything that came with it, not only did it have my monthly supply of toiletries it was jam packed with loads of extras to try out too.
I previously tried another one of these boxes and noticed I ran out of toiletries and still had to go to the chemist to purchase more which is annoying when you have paid for them as a subscription, you just assume you will get a good supply for the month.
Well one thing is for sure you will definitely have enough of a supply with pink parcel it was jam packed with a mixture of Tampons and Pads.

I would definitely recommend this subscription box for anyone with a busy lifestyle that like myself constantly keeps forgetting to purchase your supply, You can just have it delivered to your front door.

Above is an overview of everything that came its this months subscription box, like I said jam packed.

Some of the goodies that come for you to try.
Bare foot lavender and mint foot cream.
Bells Pierre gel eyeliner.
Cute nail file.
A tea sample and a biscuit to enjoy with it.
Tweezers, eyeshadow, hand cream, and some nail polish.
A handy draw string bag to carry your toiletries.
An envelope with some vouchers.

Full of a mixture of Tampons and Pads for the month to keep you going.

Pink Parcel costs £6.99 for your first one including postage.

The perfect treat for that time of the month.

For more information or to Subscribe go to

Tuesday, 5 July 2016


My favourite find this Sumner is Jo Browne Solid Perfume it comes in three different scents they are €18.00 each and smell amazing you can smell it throughout the day.
For more information checkout

Loving these fab flats I picked up from Asos this month I love the metallic silver points. They were €25.00 which is a bargain.
For more information or to buy go to 

These cute pyjamas from Penneys are perfect for summer nights and s bargain at €5 each. 
Available from Penneys Stores nationwide.

As I'm so fair skinned I need these to help me get a bit of a tan.
Beta carotene is perfect to bring out the pigment in your skin.
These were €12.00 each from

I love these per ups from lush cosmetics they are €6.50 each.
They are a scrub bar and smell absolutely amazing and leave skin super soft.

My €14.00 sandals from river island were a steal in their sale at only €14.00.
I'm all for the metallic colours this summer.

Another Asos find wax this lace panel dress it wax reduced to €31.00 perfect for summer holiday nights out.

Again from Asos I found this cute stripe wrap dress it's really comfy and wax only €25.00.
I'm going to get loads of wear out of this.

Handy little charging cable I picked up from river island.
These are only €6.00 in stores.