Monday, 2 November 2015


After spotting a Tripod Stand for your Phone on Another Blog a few months back, I said to myself i absolutely have to have that. The one I saw was from Asos and cost €55.00. I loved the idea of it as most of my Blog Pictures and Videos are taken with my Iphone but did not fancy paying the over €55.00 price tag for something i might use only once, as i am terrible for buying things and never using them. I decided to shop around a bit and see if i could find something similar for less the cost online. And that's exactly what i done, I purchased the Tripod Stand and the Bluetooth Camera Shutter seperately and all for under a Fiver!!!! The items did take 3 weeks to arrive but are so worth it, Both arrived the same day. This is perfect for all Bloggers that love making Youtube Videos and only use their Phones for Doing so. The Tripod Stand i chose is suitable for all phone types. 

The Tripos Stand comes in two pieces, The Stand and the Phone Holder just Screw in together.

Stand Suits all phone types as it is adjustable. The Stand is Metal so it will be very hard wearing and sturdy.

The Bluetooth Camera Shutter, Works with all Mobile Phones that are Bluetooth enabled, which is great for making Videos. I chose the Pink colour but it is available in a selection of different colours.

The Phone Holder is also on an adjustable stand so you can angle your phone to suit what you are shooting. I would definately recommend this item to anyone who loves making their own videos but would prefer the more hands free option. I am so looking forward to Making Great Youtube Videos with this.
I Love it and you cant really go wrong for Under a Fiver!!!!

For The Bluetooth Camera Remote Shutter €1.39 To Buy Click Here

For The Phone Tripod Stand €2.07 To Buy Click Here

                                                   Thanks For Reading,
                                                   Love Cathryn XXXX.

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