Tuesday, 12 June 2018

The Luna by Lisa Jordan Whole Collection

Pic Credit: Lunabylisa.ie

Basically unless you have been living under a rock for the last 3 years you know who Lisa Jordan is.
Well Lisa has launched her own line called Luna by Lisa Jordan.
Now when it comes to buying something that a blogger has launched I am very sceptical about handing over my hard earned money.
So when Luna Launched I pre ordered the Lip Gloss as I am a massive fan of any lip gloss and when you get 4 for €30 that’s an absolute bargain.
And surprisingly enough I wasn’t left disappointed, I expected them to smell a bit like plastic but these actually smell yummy.
The Gloss colours were great and every one of them suited me, even the Amber which I wasn’t too sure about at first as I usually only really wear nude shades.
And the wear is great on them.
So when the Miracle hair treatment came out I pre ordered that also, again for €16 I though this was another bargain.
I actually love this product I’m on my third soon to be forth bottle since it came out.
The Liquid Eyeshadow was then launched, I purchased after they were launched as the first two products were great.
The eyeshadow itself is great, a really smooth application, the only thing I hated was the dark colour I just wish she would have brought out a lighter colour to accompany the Rose Quartz as I found the Midnight Onyx really dark, but I use it lightly on my eyelids on nights out.
I felt it was a bit of a let down for €25 but that doesn’t mean it’s not to other people’s tastes, I’ve seen Luna tagged on Instagram in pics where users have used it and they look amazing, The Darker shade is just not for me.
When the Beauty Bag came out there was a bit of controversy on a certain Instagram Page, people saying  the same bag can be picked up on the Likes of AliExpress etc for €4, but I actually needed a new make up bag for travelling as I’m off on Holidays soon, I actually never saw one this style before and just loved the idea of the convenience of opening it out so you can actually see everything you have so for the sake of €16 and not having to wait months for it to arrive I just popped into my local Sam McCauleys and bought it, and I’m so glad I did, you can literally fit so much stuff inside.
There are also two little zip pockets inside the bag.
When you have all your stuff inside the bag, pull the drawstrings at both sides until everything is in fully, then tie a knot and close the Velcro tab to keep everything secure.
Overall I’m quite looking forward to seeing what she brings out next........

The Beauty Bag

Above we have the Beauty bag opened out, I love the two built in zip pockets.

This is what I bring on Holidays I need everything in here, Everything fits and I’m glad I purchased.

The Bag Closed

Luna Miracle Hair Treatment

The Luna by Lisa Jordan Liquid Eyeshadow

This picture was taken outside in direct sunlight so you can see exactly what the pigmentation is like.
The Midnight Onyx is the first shade and the Rose Quartz is the second shade.

Above is the Luna by Lisa Jordan Liigloss Collection in Blush Edition

Swatches of each of the Glosses again taken outside in Direct Sunlight so the Colours can be seen Properly.

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