Wednesday, 17 September 2014


I was looking at this item on another site for €27.00 but eventually after a good search online I bought the exact same item on Ebay for €3.50, which is some difference in price.

Heres the link for anyone interested:

Or you can search the following Ebay item number: 291099493615

I seriously don't know how i ever survived without this item.
The idea of the Handbag Organiser is that you pop all your everyday bits and bobs into it and then pop it into your handbag.
It's an insert for your Handbag.
When you want to change handbags, you just take out the Organiser and pop it into the bag you want to use that day.
No more rooting around in bags everyday to find what you need.
The Organiser comes in a range of Colours, Green, Blue, Orange, Pink, Grey and Wine.

 Poppers on the sides to expand storage

Above is a picture of the Bag Organiser inside my bag

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