Friday, 23 October 2015


This Product was first seen on Dragons Den.
The idea of the Aurora Band is that you wrap your hair around it, leave it overnight and its comfy enough for you to sleep on.
When you wake the next morning twist down the band and start pulling your hair back through the band.
Your hair will look like you came straight out of the hairdressers.

Below is how the Aurora Band is Packaged....

This is what is inside the box....

So firstly the Aurora Band costs €12.99 and is available from selected Pharmacies Nationwide, Mine came from Sam McCauleys Chemists.

The instructions on the box are not very helpful at all and are hard to understand.

Firstly you need to have your hair freshly washed and not fully dry.
brush your hair our very well and then split in half at the nape of your neck as if you are about to put in pigtails.
Place the Aurora Band on your head and secure on your forehead.

Make sure your hair is parted at the nape of your neck.
You then take a 5cm section of hair and i advise to give a brush before you start wrapping it around the band to stop it tangling up.
So when you wrap your hair around the band before you start your next section of hair it is important to make sure you have added in the the remaining section of hair from the last section with the new section and brush it in and continue wrapping until you reach the middle.
When you get to the middle stop and repeat on the other side.
Always ensure you work your hair from the front to the nape of your neck.

****Make sure you watch the video below before trying****

Back view of hair after both sides re fully wrapped around the Aurora Band.

TIP: I love the more dramatic curly look so i sprayed hairspray on each section before i wrapped my hair, The next morning then i just unwrapped my hair and gave it a shake out and gently brushed with my fingers added a little more hairspray so i got a more dramatic effect.
The look lasted all day.

I did find it took a while to carefully remove the band i wouldn't advise rushing it.
I also really recommend watching the video below before even trying this product as you do not want to get your hair stuck in the band.
The video explains better than the instructions in the box.

I would recommend this to others but i don't think its for people with very long hair mine is medium length and worked great.

I will definately be bringing this with me on Holidays as it is a great time saver.
More time Shopping and not having to do my hair LOL!!!!


Thanks For Reading,
Love Cathryn XXXX.

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