Friday, 13 October 2017

Beauty Works Jen Atkin Hair Enhancer Review

I Recently Purchased the Beauty Works Hair Enhancer by Jen Atkin, I have decided to do a review as in my research before purchasing there was not one review online of this product that I could find.
Here are my honest thoughts on it after purchasing.
Now I have purchased lots of items from Beauty Works as I normally go for the color 18/22 Bohemian Blonde as it matches my color perfectly.

Upon opening the item I noticed you actually have to remove the label before you can even try it on and the tags were also tagged to the outside netting which was rather annoying, and their returns policy indicates you cannot return if the tags have been removed.
After removing I noticed the color was not the same as the other items I have purchased from Beauty Works in my color, the color of this product is much darker than normal and unusually shiny almost synthetic looking.

Bear in mind this product cost around €180.00 including postage to Ireland, so I was expecting much better quality, and it is also supposedly designed for those of us with thin hair.
I was also hoping this was a product I could use on a day to day basis as it is made from human hair.

So I carefully removed the tags and tried on the extension, it comes as a one piece designed for convenience, So you don’t have to use so many different pieces.
The length of the hair is 18” and the weight is 110g per pack.

Beauty Works boasts it is designed to curve in with your natural hairline, this would be great if the hairpiece actually went the full length of your hairline, it actually does not go the full length across the head which was so disappointing as like I said I was hoping to use daily.
I cannot understand why they would design a one piece system that actually does not fit properly.

Thankfully if you are unhappy with the purchase they do offer returns, I placed the tags back on and returned the extensions, and received my refund back two weeks later.

So overall anyone looking to purchase this item unless you have an unusually small head circumference I do not recommend purchasing this product.
Very overpriced for what you receive.

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