Wednesday, 14 January 2015


We were give sample bottles of this tan in Novembers Chic treat box to try.
I had always seen this tan in my Local Chemist in the Tan aisle but never tried it.
So when i got the sample i tried it and could not believe it had taken me so long to discover how great it is.
It goes on as a tan color so you can see how you are applying it so it does not streak.
I leave it on overnight as i prefer the darker tan color.
There is no  nasty smell with this tan and it dries instantly so there is no waiting around to get dressed again.
For best results with any tan it is important to exfoliate extremely well before applying especially around the knees and elbows and heels.
I used a tanning mitt when applying so it goes on easier.

The best ting i found about this tan is that when it starts to fade it doesn't go all dirty and blotchy and dirty looking like most tans it fades evenly.

A must for the Summer.

Acacemie Bronze Express Tan is available in most Pharmacies Nationwide for around €25.00

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