Wednesday, 14 January 2015


Lip balm is the one thing i cannot live without, i always have them with me.
Over the last couple of months i have tried loads of different brands and here are some of my favourites,

The Blami and Eos Lip Balms are great, smell amazing and are easy to have with you at all times as they are on a keyring.
The Balmi Lip balm is €5.99 and is available Nationwide.
The Eos Lip balm is available from Boots and is €6.99.

The Essence Lipbalm is great and is perfect if you are on a budget, they are available in a range of colours and flavours from Pharmacies Nationwide for only €2.29.

The Maybelline Baby Lips, These are my Favourite i love the colors they come in.
They are available from Pharmacies Nationwide for  €3.99

When im on Holidays i always use Lipbalm with proper spf protection in them, the Cien Sport and Sun Lipbalm is availble from Lidl for €1.49 for a pack of 2 containing spf20.

I love the Manbi Lip balm as it comes in a range of different colors and is the best lip protector when you are away in the sun or colder climates.  Contains spf30 and is available online from for around €10.00 expensive i know but so worth it.

The Image Skincare lip enhancement complex is great for conditioning lips its available from

The I love strwberries and milshake Lipbalm i picked up in Superdrug for €1.99
The Vanilla Lipbalm is from Penneys and it was around €1.99

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