Tuesday, 13 January 2015


The best thing about 2014 for me was discovering this amazing hair treatment.
As I have long hair, with so much styling and washing it gets very dry and goes out of control.
I came across this product on another blog page and decided to give it a try and I'm so glad I did.

Lani hair treatment comes in a cute little bottle and when you open it OMG the smell, it makes you want to go on holidays.
The scent is Coconut my favourite smell.

LANI is a natural hair treatment and is made from a unique blend of tropical oils.
Lani will encourage healthy new hair growth, help hold moisture, helps protect against split ends, helps recover damaged hair, will soothe dry and itchy scalps and adds shine to your hair.
Bottles are 100mls.

It says on the bottle to leave it in For at least half an hour but when I use it I normally leave it in for a coup,e of hours before washing out.
It does say on the bottle that it takes two washes to rinse it out completely but my hair was fine after one wash.
The results are amazing, my hair was so shiny and healthy looking after use and my hair smelled amazing and fresh.
You get around 4 applications per bottle.
I'm definitely bringing this on holidays this year.

To buy Lani tropical hair treatment check out www.lovelani.com
It costs around €18 including postage to Ireland.

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