Monday, 19 January 2015


Yesterday i made the most amazing frozen desert.
Since i started my new diet i have been craving something sweet, but i am so determined not to give into temptation.
I got this idea from one of Jamie Oliver's recipies.

You will need the following:

Low fat natural Yogurt.
2 Bananas.
Handfull of Strawberries.
Empty Pot.

This is so simple and tasty to make.
In the Nutribullet add the pot of Yogurt, Banannas and Strawberries.
And simply blend together for a few seconds.
Get an emppty pot and pour it in and freeze.

Tip: Taste the mix before you freeze ad if you would like it a little sweeter add a little honey.

This will definately sort out those sweet cravings.

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