Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Forget aimlessly trailing through the aisles, Check out my tailored lists that will save you loads of time and help you feel fit and fabulous.

Shop Yourself Energised

Oats: Eaten first thing ward off mid morning cravings and boost your energy levels due to the calcium and magnesium in them.

Almonds: Contain Folic Acid and B Vitamins to help convert your food into energy.

Red Lentils: at lunchtime will help keep you revved up all afternoon thanks to the energy sustaining mineral molybdenum.

Sunflower Seeds: are timy powerhouses of get up and go, with iron, magnesium and copper.

Wholemeal Pitta: instead of white sliced bread will help keep your energy levels well balanced by stabilising your blood sugar.

Bananas: are a great pre workout boost, rich in potassium, they keep muscles working properly.

Romaine Lettuce: is a great source of Chromium, which helps keep energy levels steady.

Lean Lamb Steaks: are p\acked with iron, low levels of which can leave you feeling lethargic.

Shop Yourself Fitter

Beetroot: means no more flaking out on a long run just before the finish. Its high nitrate content boosts your stamina.

Cherry Juice: reduces the inflamation caused by tough workouts.

Coffee: Blocks pain processing adenosine, so aches are never an issue.

Wholemeal Pasta: is rich in carbs to keep your muscles energy stores topped up.

Probiotic Yogurt: boosts your immune system which can be weakened through endurance training.

Spinach: is full of iron to boost your bodys ability to turn protein into muscle.

Ginger: has anti inflammatory properties which canreduce exercise induced pain by 25% if eaten every day.

Cornflakes: with a healthy splash of semi skimmed milk will replenish energy stores post workout, just as well as a sports drink.

Shop Yourself Smarter

Salmon: Will help to keep your brain well oiled with its omega 3 fatty acids, which can boost your problem solving skills.

Dark Chocolate: Is packed with flavanols, a delicious way to increase the blood supply to your brain.

Oranges: Is full of Vitamin C which keeps your mental agility in tip top shape.

Spinach: Contains Vitamin K and is said to help protect brain function as you get older.

Green Tea: Helps to keep your mind sharp and your concentration focused.

Museli: Is packed full of Zinc rich memory boosting oats.

Eggs: are a tasty sure fire way of always remembering important things. they fuel the Neutroansmitters that help with word and number recollection.

Strawberries: Can help to improve your Co-ordination and concentration. 

Shop Yourself Gorgeous

Kiwis: are packed with skin regenerating vitamin c, which helps keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay.

Celery: Neutralises Bacteria, plus munching on it cleans between your teeth for a fab smile.

Walnuts: Keep your skin moisturised and your hair glossy, with their omega 6 fatty acids.

Sweet Potatoes: Contain plenty of Vitamin A which is the secret to a youthful complection.

Turkey: Is rich in iron which is essential for thick healthy hair.

Broccoli: Will help give your hair a Lustrous shine as the Vitamins  and C in it help to produce Sebum, Natures Conditioner.

Mushrooms: Contain lentinan, and antiviral compound that can prevent plaque build up on your teeth.

Eggs: are the new secret beauty weapon, containing B Vitamins to strengthen your hair and nails and prevent dry skin.

Shop Yourself Healthier

Red Wine: is high in heart healthy polyphenols like resveratrol, but remember you have to stick to just one glass for the most benefits.

Swiss Cheese: Such as Gruyere contains 30% more calcium than cheddar, for strong bones and teeth.

Brazil Nuts: Boost your immune system to stop Viruses in their tracks.

Probiotic Yogurt: Fills your tummy with useful friendly bacteria and helps kill off any bug causing germs.

Pineapple: Is rich in the amino acid your body needs to make happy hormone serotonin.

Mackerel: Contains Omega 3's to help white blood cells seek and destroy any nasty bugs in your body.

Chickpeas: Contain amino acids that are vital for tissue repair after a tough workout.

Blueberries: Are bursting with antioxidants to help keep your brain firing.

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