Tuesday, 16 June 2015


Here's some Fab Tips I've picked up over the Years,  They will help you become a Domestic Goddess!!!!

Kitchen Hacks....

To check if your Eggs are fresh.... Put in water and if it floats its off and if it sinks its ok.
Keep hard avocados next to bananas in the fruit bowl.... The Ethylene gas in the bananas will ripen them.
To remove insects from Vegetables.... Fill the sink with cold water and add a tsp of salt. The insects will sink to the bottom.
Hold a stale Baguette under a running cold tap.... shake off the excess water and pop in the oven for ten minutes, it will be as fresh as when you got it.
To get rid of onion smells from your hands.... rub them on metal.
If you have leftover cream.... Freeze and use for sauces.
For instant crispy croutons.... Remove the crusts from white bread, cut into squares and microwave them on full power for one minute.
To avoid rack marks on a cooling cake.... Top the Cooling rack with a tea towel first.
Use Raspberry jam in a Victoria sponge as the pips stop the top and bottom from sliding apart.

Perfect Preserves....

Warm Citrus Fruits before making Jam to obtain the most juice from them.

Skim the scum frequently while the jam is boiling or add a small knob of butter to disperse it.

To skin Peaches and Tomatoes easily, First place them in boiling water for one minute, followed straight away by cold water for a few minutes.

Warm Sugar before adding it to Preserves so it dissolves quicker.

Revive Your Wardrobe....

Run a wire hanger over your clothes before you wear them to remove static.

Add 1 tbsp of vinegar to water when hand washing silk items for a professional crispness.

Carefully use a new disposable razor to remove bobbles from jumpers.

Put Bicarbonate of Soda or Citrus Peel inside shoes overnight to freshen them.

Store Pleated Skirts in the leg of a pair of tights to stop the pleats from being pulled apart from the hanger.

If Suede looks tired, Revive them with the steam from a kettle, then get marks off carefully using an emery board.

Tricks For The Home....

To remove tea stains from Cups, use a kitchen towel and rub the stained areas with Bicarbonate of Soda.
The abrasive action will remove the marks.

To make your bin easier to clean, put a couple of sheets of kitchen roll in the bottom, its helps catch any leaks and bits that miss the bag.

To remove Limescale from an electric kettle, cover the element with either white or malt vinegar, bring it to the boil and then give the kettle a gentle shake.
Allow to cool, then rinse.

To get rid of weeds on your Path or Patio, add 125g of salt to 1 litre of cold water, stir untill it dissolves and then splash over.

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