Wednesday, 3 June 2015


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I have so may Bags but this is my Newest Bag and i am using it Everyday at the minute as its Big and holds everything i need for my Day to Day use.
I bought this Bag in Brown Thomas in Cork for €275.00.

I Actually don't know where all the stuff comes from but i do use everything in it.

Everything here was in my bag.

So obviously i have my Phone, Business Cards, Make up, Perfume, Lipbalm, Coconut oil from Superdrug i have really dry skin i use this on my face, lips, eyebrows, elbows and knees its amazing.
baby wipes, paracetamol, Thermomoter, Callums Wristband it has all the information on it if he ever gets lost and cant find me.

Shopping bag, Deodorant, Handcream, Chewing Gum, Hairbrush and Hair Spritz my hair is so long i need these.

Eye Mask cause u never know and i love my sleep, purse, IPad, Diary and Pens, Coin Purse and Mirror.

So That's whatever is in My handbag, i cant wait  to see what everyone else has in theirs.

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Love Cathryn XXXX

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