Thursday, 7 January 2016


So Over the Festive Period I popped into my New Local Dealz Shop to pick up some Stocking Fillers for Christmas.

Dealz is the Irish Equivalent to PoundLand in the UK.
They have almost Everything in there, I went down the Beauty Aisle, And OMG They stock so much Beauty Products and best of all everything only costs €1.49.

Check out below and check out some of the items I picked up in my Haul.

Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, This toothpaste leaves your teeth a shade whiter in just one week.
Can you believe this was only €1.49 a tub.

I actually bought this in the Summer for my Holidays from Boots i think it cost about a fiver or that, and its an amazing product and a must for Holidays so when i spotted it in Dealz for €1.49 i had to snap up a few bottles for the Summer.

This is my favourite deodorant its great for the Gym really stops you sweating and smelling.
again at only €1.49 i got a job lot.

I love Liquid Eyeliner so i picked this one up to give it a try, now its ok for day to day make up use as the brush is very thin on it and the line comes out very thin.

Dealz have all the Argan oil hair products so i Picked up a few different ones to try over the next few weeks.

I have actually used this hair mask before and it is really good.
Leaves your hair feeling very soft and leaves a great shine to your hair, smells great too.

This heat defence spray is handy to have before you blow dry your hair spray a little to help against heat styling.

Dealz are great for Beauty on a Budget, They had so much more stuff, Razors, Hair Brushes, Dental Products, Hair Products, Make Up, Pamper Products.
Defo worth popping in for a Look.

                                                  Thanks For Reading,
                                                  Love Cathryn XXXX

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