Friday, 22 January 2016


This is the New Glamoriser Detangle and Dry Brush, Its basically a Detangling Hair Drying brush.
It promises to Dry Hair, Detangle Hair, Adds Volume and Shine to your Hair, De-frizz Hair, and Softens Hair. It works by using Infared Technology to dry your hair which is much kinder to use on your hair than a normal hairdryer. My hair is Quite thin and although i did find that it did take a good while to dry my hair, My hair really felt soft and smooth without the need for using Straightners afterwards which is always a bonus.
I do recommend using a heat defense spray as it is a heated styling product. 
I think it took longer to dry as it is only 450watts which i think if the wattage was higher it would dry in superfast time, but it really will be handy for throwing into the suitcase for Holidays, so you wont have to carry around seperate straightners and a hair dryer (More room to bring home all that shopping girls)
It is Extremely lightweight too and the cable is super long which makes it handy for travelling as you never know how far that plug is situated away from that mirror.

If you scroll to he bottom of the post i have added a video so you can see the item in my hand to give you an idea of the size and how it heats up, And also the video from Glamoriser so you can see it in action.

There was only one downside i found to using this and that was the fact that your hair blows everywhere when you are using it, but i'm sure ill find a way around this with further use.

The Glamoriser is available in Ireland from Boots, Debenhams and Argos.

Links to Buy:

Or Check out for more information on the latest range of  Glamoriser Products, I think i am going to have to try out the Cord Free Straightner next. 

                                        The Brush part comes off for easy cleaning.

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