Thursday, 7 January 2016


Lately my hair had lost its Lustre and started to become thin and brittle, i put it down to over styling and over washing.
Turns out it was actually my diet that was responsible for my thinning hair.
I had started a new Fitness Regime and lost a lot of weight and Cut a lot of things out of my diet for health reasons.
I started to do a little research and see would eating some certain foods make much of a difference to my hair.
After Six Months of eating the following items below in small quantities i noticed an enormous change, my hair was stronger and shinier.
I also try keep washing my hair to 3-4 times per week and try to never brush wet hair.
Zinc, B Complex Vitamins, Vitamin D and Iron are also great Vitamins to add into your diet.
Regular Cutting helps keep your hair in great condition too, My Hairdresser recommends every 6 weeks for a trim up.
My Friend recommeneded trying Jason Haircare Products over Christmas so I purchased some last week and will let you know if they are any good or not.
Try adding some of these into your diet and let me know how you get on....

Whey Protein:
Protein is important within hair, it is what gives your hair its strength.
Whey Protein is found in milk and what makes this particular protein pretty amazing is that the body is able to absorb it better thn any other type of protein.
You can buy it in powder form and add it to a juice o a smoothie.
I buy my Whey Protein from Holland and Barrett, To Buy Click Here

I have singled out Blueberries but what i am really talking about are the antioxidents they contain.
Follicles are responsible for producing hair and natiurally we want them to produce great lengths.
To perfect these cells from free radical damage you need a healthy supply of antioxidents.
You will find them in most fruit and veg but they are particularly plentiful in blueberries.
Blueberries also help lower inflammation and other bi-product of free radicals which otherwise would effect hair density.

Including Biotin (a B Vitamin) in your diet will help your hair retain its strength and density as it plays a role in building keratin, the main protein found in hair.
Eggs are a great source too but thats not the only reason eggs are so vital for keeping your hair amazing.
They also contain protein and vitamin d which is linked to new hair growth.

The unassuming almond believe it or not is a stress fighter, as well as being high in protein, almonds also contain magnesium, which helps maintain healthy thick hair as well as nails, by reducing stress in the body which could otherwise lead to hair loss.
Eat them raw or dd to a smoothie or even use to make your own almond milk.
Holland and Barrett have the large packs For more Information or To Buy Click Here

Brazil Nuts:
The brazil nut is rich in the mineral selenium, a deficiency of which has also been linked to hair loss.
you will also find lots of proteins, fats the good kind of course and essential nutrients.
I Love snacking on the chocolate covered ones For more Information or To Buy Click Here

Hair loves silica, silica is found in beer. A single unit of beer contains 10 miligrams of silica.
If you are not a fab of beer you can always opt for a silica suppliment.

                                           Thanks For Reading,
                                           Love Cathryn XXXX

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