As you all know in our goodie bags at the Irishblbinspire event in Cream Dreams in Wexford the wonderful Niamh from Holos Skincare gave us some samples.

In my bag was a sample of the body oil, after a long week I ran myself a long hot bath and decided to try out the body oil, it smelled amazing and when I woke the next morning I could still smell it on me.
I decided to look up the Holos website and see what other products they made.

This is Niamh Hogan  from Enniscorthy, Niamh is the owner of Holos Skincare. 
She has been a practicing Aromatherapist and Natural Health Professional since 2003.
It is Niamh's clinical experience and passion for Essential oils and natural lifestyles that led to the creation of these products.
Holos products are made with Essential oils, they are natural and holistic and hand crafted in County Wexford.
It's great to find an amazing local brand in your own town.
Be sure to check out www.holos.ie for more Information.

I have extremely dry skin, especially my hands they are prone to drying out really bad, and I was on the lookout for something new to try as they get so dry around my knuckles they actually crack and bleed.
decided to pop into only natural in Wexford as I spotted on Holos Website that they are stockists of the products and try out the tester sample, leave it on and go shopping for a couple of hours and see how it fairs out on my skin.
I was surprised that after a few hours shopping my hands still felt moist and the hand cream smelt great, I said I'd pop back in and get a tub and try it for a couple of weeks.

After using it for a couple of days I was quiet impressed so I decided to pop back in and pick up a few more bits as I generally like all my skincare products to be from the same brand.
So I picked up the Face Cream and the Anti Ageing Facial Oil and said I'd give them a go too.
tried those and was so impressed I went out the next day and bought the Good Night Rich Night Cream as well, the night cream smells so calming and relaxing.

The above is the Holos Good Night Rich Night Cream, this is actually my favourite product from the range, I massage this onto my face every night before bed.
A little goes an awful long way with this face cream as it is very rich and moisturising.
This cream has the most amazing smell ever, a really tranqil and relaxing smell.
This scent would be amazing as a pillow mist (Hint Hint Niamh)

I use the Holos Face cream daily and find it leaves my skin really well hydrated, i also use the Holos Anti-Ageing Facial Oil and i find that after use my skin feels and looks radiant and feeling soft.

Here's some pics of my hands before using the hand cream, they are not as bad now as we are in the Summer Months but they get really bad in the Winter months.
My knuckles are bleeding and very sore to bend.

My hand is starting to clear up just two days into using the hand cream

Very dry palms

Dry skin in between my fingers

The Holos Hand Cream has been my savior over the last few weeks, my hands are well moisturised and hydrated and i no longer have bad cracked knuckles.
I always make sure i have a pot to hand and apply the cream first thing in the morning and before bed and always reapply after washing my hands.
Pics of my hands now and I have added a video to show you how much they have changed from using Holos hand cream in just a few weeks.
Pics and video were taken at the window for natural light so you can really see the difference.
I dont exactually have model hands so i appolagise for that.
For anypne else like me who suffers with really dry skin i would definately recommend Holos Hand cream you wont be disappointed.

Tanning using Holos Face Cream and Clarins Golden Glow Booster 

I discovered that these two work amazing together the Holos face cream and Clarins golden glow booster. 
The best thing about this combination is there is no false tan smell at all.
The Clarins golden glow booster is designed to work with your regular moisturiser to give you a golden glow, that gradually builds in colour.
I find the Holos face cream works best with it as it's such a rich face cream and has great coverage with just a few drops.
How it works: add three drops of Clarins golden glow booster to your moisturiser, mix together and apply to the face. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.
Clarins also do the golden glow booster for the body.

To purchase:

Holos Website

Holos Hand Cream.... Buy Here
Holos Anti-Ageing Facial Oil.... Buy Here
Holos Blossoms Body Oil.... Buy Here
Holos Face Cream.... Buy Here
Holos Good Night Night Cream.... Buy Here

Thanks For Reading,
Love Cathryn XXXX


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