Monday, 20 July 2015


The first thing i notice about anyone is their teeth, i always keep my teeth in the best condition possible, lets face it were all on out last set of teeth.
So it's important we look after them and keep them in tip top condition.
Here are some of my favourite products i use daily to keep my teeth nice and white.

The Pearl Drops Daily Everyday White is great for using everyday as it is gentle on your teeth.
i would only use this when i am brushing my teeth last thing at night to go to bed, i would always use Colgate toothpaste throughout the rest of the day.
I usually buy this in boots and it costs €2.99.

The Pear Drop Party Sparkle toothpaste, i wouldn't recommend using this on a daily basis, i only use it when im heading out for an event to give my teeth an extra white look.
I buy this from Sam Mccauleys Chemists its around €4.50 for 50mls.

I use Colgate Max White Toothpaste every day, and i always make sure to brush straight after each meal and rinse with mouthwash straight after.
The Colgate max white is available from supermarkets and chemists nationwide and costs around €2.50.

This is my favourite mouthwash, it leaves your mouth feeling really fresh and best of all its only 79cent from Aldi.
I also use Aldi's dental floss daily.

Every now and then i like to whiten up my teeth a little more and i would use the Pearl Drops Absolute White Whitening Gel Pen.
I would recommend using this sparingly as it can leave your teeth feeling quiet sensetive.
I bought this in boots and it cost €9.00.

I love this product for boosting my smile, Its the Rio Blue Light Teeth Whitening Kit.
I bought this from Littlewoods last year and i see at the minute its reduced on their website to €47 including postage.
This is great as i get my teeth whitened once a year and this is perfect for top ups in between treatments.

This is the Rio Dental Polisher kit, this is great for keeping your teeth in great shape in between dentist visits.
I bought mine from i think it was only around €25.00.
You also get a tube of dental polish with this.

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