Thursday, 23 July 2015


How to stop make up sliding off your face in the heat:
try a make up setting spray, they work because the contain ingredients that form a light film over your base, lipstick and blush to seal them.
my favourite is Clarins Fix Make up.

How to keep down the costs of mobile calls from abroad:
Turn off data roaming and updates in your phones settings menu.
Some providers charge you to receive and listen to voicemails so be aware of this, check with your network before you fly.
Use the free wifi service in your hotel and local bars etc for skype and facetime.
Buy a local sim card, it will mean a new number but it will be much cheaper.

Alarmingly 80% of burglars use social media to find empty houses.
So resist the temptation to post a selfie from the airport and wait until you get home to upload pictures and videos.

Take a tote with you:
A Tote bag will save you valuable suitcase space.
Use it as your in flight holdall.

Wash off instant tanners give you a fab golden glow without that nasty tan smell or the dreaded tango effect.

Don't get caught without cash, always let your bank know you are going abroad, to avoid your card being frozen if you tend to continiously use your card to pay.

If you holiday within the EU. make sure you carry your EHIC card it will give you access to state provided health care at a reduced cost.

Duty Free: did you know you can order your duty free items in the airport and collect it on return so you don't have to carry it everywhere with you.

Don't forget your travel iron, nothing as bad as creased clothes.

Check your Passport:
Did you know that you need to have a six month validity on your passport to travel to some destinations, including Turkey, Brazil, Jamaica and Malaysia.
Better off to check before you leave.

Don't forget top rub a line of sunscreen down the parting of your hair, backs of your ears and back of neck, these areas sometimes get overlooked and can be very sore when burnt.

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